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Thank you for your interest in our school. Our emphasis on a happy relationship between dog and owner, free from fear or harsh methods, has made Training with Kindness classes the most highly recommended in the area. Drop in and see for yourself what fun dog training can be! Strictly limited in size, classes fill long before the starting date. Register early to be sure of getting the class most convenient for you.
PLEASE be realistic about your ability and willingness to commit to working with your dog every day. Training your dog is an on-going process - not just 10-15 minutes a day.
Please bring a fanny pack or treat bag to classes filled with delicious soft treats for rewarding good behavior.
Flexi-leads are not allowed in class.
If you have a dog-aggressive dog, please contact Cheryl before sending in the registration form.
Children over 12 years of age can work their dog in class as long as they can physically control the dog on a leash.
Please check our list of classes below for information on the classes we offer.
Click a class name for additional detailed information about the class.
Check our calendar for a complete, current schedule.
Print and mail our registration form (PDF) with payment.
Fully vaccinated students do not have to wear a mask. If you are not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask while attending class and stay safe. Only 1 person per dog!! Please, no observers. Hand sanitizer available. If you've been near a person who tested positive, please quarantine before coming back to class. Thanks for keeping us all safe.

Brief Description
For puppies 10-16 weeks of age (at the start of class), this class teaches sit, down and stand; works on developing good manners; coming when called; confidence building; socialization; helping owners deal with nipping, chewing, housebreaking, jumping up, stealing objects, etc.

Mondays @ 7:00pm
(1 hr)

$125/6 wks
For dogs 4 months and older, this class teaches sit, down, settle, stay, go to bed, recall, walking on a loose leash, heeling and hand signals. "Real life" obedience and basic house manners are emphasized.
Times/days vary
(1 hr)
$165/7 wks
($150 for puppy graduates or rescues)
For graduates of Level I, this class emphasizes more off-lead control, distraction training and new skills in addition to refinement of the Level I exercises.
Times/days vary
(1 hr)
$105/6 wks
This class uses all of the Level 2 exercises (and any new exercises introduced by AKC/APDT). Each team navigates the course by following the numbered signs.
Times/days vary
(1 hr)
$65/4 wks
Nose Work/Scent Work
For graduates of Level II Obedience, these workshops teach dogs to use their noses to find treats or toys that are hidden. Eventually, they are taught to find specific scents. Dogs must be reliable off-leash and listen to their owner. This is a competitive sport where a dog can earn titles.
Visit AKC Scent Work, NACSW, PSD or UKC to find events and learn more about each venue.*
*Links will take you to a separate web site in a new window.
Workshops throughout
the year
Cost varies
Trick Dog
Teach your dog tricks to earn AKC Trick Dog or Do More With Your Dog titles. Come up with your own tricks or teach your dog suggested tricks from the venues.
Visit AKC Trick Dog or Do More With Your Dog to learn more about each venue.*
*Links will take you to a separate web site in a new window.
Times/days vary
$65/4 wks

Canine Good Citizen is part of the AKC Family Dog Program. It provides a great foundation for getting started in dog sports and is usually a prerequisite for many dog therapy groups. Teams are tested immediately after completing the course.
*Link will take you to a separate web site in a new window.

Times/days vary
$20/class (3 wks)
Therapy Dog Prep Class
Get your dog used to being around all the medical equipment and reinforce obedience commands when in close proximity to other dogs/people.
Times/days vary
$65/4 wks
Therapy Tests
TDI tests offered twice a year. Bright and Beautiful test occasionally offered. Level II Obedience class prepares student for any of these therapy tests.
Call or email Cheryl for next test date(s)
Call or email
for cost
Private Lessons
Private lessons with Cheryl.
Call or email Cheryl to schedule
Contact NAFA Flyball ( (Oconomowoc, WI).    
Contact Kruisin' Kanines ( (Bucks County, PA).
Contact Princeton Dog Training Club ( (Hunterdon County, NJ).


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