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Training with Kindness, formerly located in Frenchtown, NJ and now located in Milford, NJ, has been in continuous operation since 1982. It was started by Suzanne Clothier, a world-renowned trainer, author and behaviorist. Ms. Clothier sold the business to Cheryl Smagala who now owns and manages the training school. Cheryl was an assistant to Ms. Clothier during the early years of Training with Kindness.

Our school's philosopy is based on treating dogs with respect and kindness. We use treats, games and praise to make learning more enjoyable and to enhance the relationship between dog and owner. A well-trained pet can be a pleasure to be around. At Training with Kindness, we believe that training your dog should be an enjoyable experience for both the owner and the dog.

Training with Kindness is not a "competition" obedience school, but some of our students do go on to get their obedience titles in venues such as AKC and APDT. We provide a casual, low-stress atmosphere for our students and their dogs. We offer several levels of group obedience classes, starting with Puppy Kindergarten and working up through Level 2. We also teach all levels of AKC and APDT Rally Obedience.

We can arrange for private lessons if your schedule does not allow participation in one of our regular 8-week classes.

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