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(For puppies 10 - 18 weeks of age at the start of the session)

Newf Puppies

Your puppy begins life with a blank slate. It's important to instill good behavior early before bad habits take over.

Puppies explore their world with their mouths and teeth - everything must be chewed and tasted during this investigative period including your hands, toes, clothing, furniture, etc. You will learn how to teach your new pup "bite inhibition", which helps them realize how hard they are biting and how you can gradually minimize this behavior.
We will also work on their socialization skills with people (including children) and other puppies. The puppies are handled by everyone in class and they learn that people come in all shapes and sizes. They are also allowed free play time with their new 4-legged buddies after each class as time permits.
Learn about the importance of puppy socialization before three months of age.
We will cover other topics such as housebreaking, sitting for dinner, and appropriate ways to deal with jumping up on family members and visitors. What do you do when your puppy steals something he shouldn't have? How do you get the item away from your puppy without a power struggle? Answers to these questions and many others will be covered in this class.
Start building a good relationship with your new puppy. We will help you learn the positive ways to achieve a partnership with the newest member of your family.


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