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Cheryl Smagala

Member of APDT

Former member of TDI

flyball team,
Great Balls of Fire

Participant at Top Dog Training School Camp -
held by
trainers and authors,
Jack and Wendy Volhard

Assisted nationally known trainer and author,
Suzanne Clothier,
with agility seminars

Cheryl, the owner of Training with Kindness, has been training dogs for over 30 years. She has owned, trained and placed titles on many breeds of dogs including larger breeds, such as Newfoundlands. Cheryl adopted a St. Bernard puppy in the early 1970's and took her to obedience classes in Syracuse, NY in order to get more control over a very big dog!

After moving to Newton, NJ, she found a mix breed puppy and fell in love. This puppy had many behavioral issues and was aggressive to both people and dogs. Cheryl saw an ad for an agility seminar being run by Suzanne Clothier, nationally known trainer and author, and Linda Caplan. She took the youngster and was thrilled with the way both ladies handled his issues. She started taking classes with Suzanne in Frenchtown, NJ and was more comfortable with a positive/reward style of training. She started teaching agility seminars with Suzanne and then her beginner obedience classes. Cheryl was also one of the instructors at Suzanne's Dog Camps. During the early days of agility, Cheryl assisted Suzanne Clothier, nationally known trainer and author, with agility seminars and provided her own Collie, Token, as a participant in one of the first agility videos ever produced, "Motivational Agility Training" by Suzanne Clothier and Linda Kaplan. She also participated in the study which preceded Suzanne Clothier's "Athletic Dog" video and assisted Suzanne in teaching agility at a training camp. In 1994, Suzanne sold the school to Cheryl since she was moving to Upstate New York. The school recently moved (October 2015) to its new location in Milford, NJ.

Cheryl and dogs
Cheryl (Owner),
Ragen (left) and Kai (right)

Cheryl's extensive training experience and knowledge includes the dog sports of obedience - regular and rally, agility, flyball and tracking. Cheryl has had many years of training using motivational methods. She attended Top Dog Training School Camp held by Jack and Wendy Volhard. The Volhards started teaching motivational methods long before they became so popular in the dog training world.

Cheryl is the former captain and co-founder of the flyball team, Great Balls of Fire, and her mixed breed dog, Axle, was an experienced anchor dog for the team.

Cheryl currently competes in rally obedience and K9 nose work®. Her Newfoundland, Kai, competed in agility and flyball. She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and a former member of Therapy Dogs International (TDI).

It is obvious by watching Cheryl that she truly enjoys teaching dog classes. She has a special interest in helping people achieve a better relationship with their pets. She is very patient with her students, both human and dog, and is quick to laugh and enjoy the dogs' expressions and antics. Cheryl is knowledgeable about problem solving pet problems. She teaches classes in puppy kindergarten, obedience, rally, trick dog, and nose work. Cheryl always has a rescue since she loves the challenges these dogs' bring and also has a giant breed (or two) hanging around - usually a Newfie!

Maria O'Boyle

Maria O'Boyle has been competing in WCRL (formerly APDT) Rally Obedience since it started. Her Bichons and rescue dogs have over 25 titles in Rally and over 35 titles in Agility. She shares her home with a multitude of little dogs. Her rescue, Lucy, is a natural nose work dog. She looks to be a mix of Dachshund and Chihuahua. Maria adopted a 1 year old Shih Tzu named Phil who just passed his Level 2 in K9 Nose Work - only the second of his breed to do so. She is currently working a Bassett mix named Eunice who is working in agility, nose work, barn hunt, trick dog and rally.


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