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(For dogs who have "graduated" from a Level I obedience class
whether at Training with Kindness or another school)

This class focuses on distraction training along with fine-tuning all of the heeling work from Level I. We will start working on some off-lead heeling as well as all of the "sit", "down" and "come" hand signals. The dogs will be worked closer together, gradually getting to the point where they will be ignoring each other. They will also learn to come when called under any circumstances - we use other dogs in class as major distractions for this one!

Rachel's Comments
We will work on all of the exercises needed to pursue an obedience title on your dog, including the "Figure 8" exercise as well as all of the group "stay" exercises. This does not mean that only dogs looking towards competition will be in this class. It is open to all dogs looking to take their obedience work a little further.


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