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Kai in Tunnel
Watch out! Here comes Kai!
(Owned by Cheryl Smagala)

Agility is a sport in which dogs must safely navigate their way around a course which may include crawling thru tunnels, jumping obstacles, climbing up and over a steep inclined ramp, crossing a see-saw, etc.

The event is timed and dogs lose points for mistakes made during their run. There are several organizations that offer titles in this sport. Check our Links page for a listing of agility organizations.
At Training with Kindness, we offer beginner agility classes for puppies as well as older dogs. It's a great sport to teach your puppy. It builds confidence and starts to create a bond with your new friend.

When we teach agility to puppies, all equipment is low to the ground and no jumping or climbing high obstacles is allowed. Growth plates on puppies have to close first before any strenuous athletic endeavors are pursued.



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